We are small independent video game developers who want to bring up classic titles to a new generation!
All team members are skillful game developers with lots of experiences in the video game industry and do not
require a large team to make any project happen successfully.
   Our missions are to create a high quality Special Editions of any legendary games, which nobody has attempted yet. We are not just tracing old artworks as you can see in many 3rd party projects, we are actually re-creating the original artworks and animations from scratch to bring up more details and new look overall.

   We don't like to name our versions as Remastered or Remake, because that's not what we do.
Special Edition is a definition of something new and we are going to make it real special. To make a new Music & SFX and Artworks is a standard today, but we are also updating the storyline, gameplays and addons to bring up a new experience along with the classic version.

   We are using the appropriate game engines to achieve the highest quality and speed up the workflow.
We are not here to let the legend fall, we are here to bring it back to life and let you enjoy it on big screen!
    Why dont we make our own games?
Yes, we do that too. :o)

Name and logo of the company has been founded in 2009 by Patrik Spacek.